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Asa Gray (November 18, 1810 – January 30, 1888) is considered the most important American botanist of the 19th century. But by this time, permanent settlements and railroads resulted in so many specimens coming in that Gray alone could not keep up with them. But Harlan, writing for the majority, concluded that the government had not argued that the advertising made the materials obscene. Departing Austria, Gray went to Munich, Zurich, and Geneva, where he met the prominent botanist Augustin Pyramus de Candolle, who died in 1841. Gray continued extensive collaboration with de Candolle’s son Alphonse Pyramus de Candolle.

Gray named a new genus Plummera, now called Hymenoxys, in Sara’s honor. Now that my life has been spared I rejoice to testify that I know the gospel is true, and with all my soul I thank my Heavenly Father that he has revealed it to me.”29 Various physical ailments and other adversities continued to afflict Elder Smith in the coming years. President Kimball asked me if I wasn’t going to get up and dress and I told him no, I was going to stay in bed, that I was sure the Lord would take care of us. In just a few seconds the room was filled with shots.
During his junior year, George caught typhoid fever in late 1847 and died on January 9, 1848, in the Loring house in Boston. They are in the spirit, and we shall soon meet again. The widely divergent opinions in MANual Enterprises may reflect those divisions.

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