Инструкция mosa ge 10000 bes gs

инструкция mosa ge 10000 bes gs
When working on gasoline, the engine-generator set was able to provide up to 8 kW of continuous electric power (10 kW peak power), whereas working on hydrogen it provided up to 5 kW of electric power at an engine speed of 3000 rpm. Generator diesel YANMAR L 100 N — Three-phase synchronous alternator — Three-phase power 5.7 kVA (4.6 kW) — Single-phase power 4 kVA – Electric StarterMOSA model GE 6500 SX/GS is a compact diesel Generator with 23 litre fuel tanks for 19 hours continuous operation. The air-to-fuel equivalence ratio (λ) was adjusted to stoichiometric (λ = 1) for gasoline. In contrast, when using hydrogen the engine worked ultra-lean (λ = 3) in the absence of connected electric load and richer as the load increased. Main changes affected the gasoline and gas injectors, the injector seats on the existing inlet manifold, camshaft and crankshaft wheels with their corresponding Hall sensors, throttle position and oil temperature sensors as well as the electronic management unit. Regarding the NOx emissions, they were low, of the order of 30 ppm for loads below 4 kW for the engine-generator set working on hydrogen. AbstractThe modifications performed to convert a gasoline carbureted engine-generator set to a bi-fuel (hydrogen/gasoline) electronic fuel-injected power unit are described.

Generator diesel KOHLER KD 477/2 — Single-phase synchronous alternator — Single-phase power 12 kVA (10.8 kW) – Electric StarterMOSA model GE 12000 KSX/GS-AVR is a super silenced diesel generating set.

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