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Buy From Amazon Here 6. Lego Transport Ferry Make your Lego ferry and load it up with vehicles using the working back ramp to transport your cargo safely across the sea. Цель создания данного сайта — помочь владельцам деталей конструкторов LEGO. У многих почитателей LEGO со временем накапливается огромное количество деталей конструктора, а схемы, как назло, теряются. Мы собрали для Вас коллекцию схем Лего, которая будет постоянно пополняться. Contents This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards, as it is highly informal. The Lego Pirates sets are a great series that are sure to bring lots of enjoyment for your children. To view the Lego Pirates instructions for a particular set, click on the thumbnail image or title of that set. The scene cuts to the Wizard’s army marching and trying to enter.

The average salary of harbor pilots nationwide is more than $400, 000. . The seafarer looks at the crab and faints. You can also raise and lower the ship’s anchor.
The captain comes along and takes it from them. He returns the telescope to Broadside, who spots Captain Brickbeard making fun of Broadside. He orders the men to «follow that ship». Act 2 The captain and a soldier are exploring the tropical jungle island of King Kahuka. End The pirate with striped shirt and the pirate with the oar row aboard with a chest full to the brim with gold! Another guardsman tries to stop them by putting down a barrier, but it doesn’t work. Captain Brickbeard’s story[edit] Act 1 Many years ago three men buried a treasure on a remote desert island. This is a great set for all lego lovers.

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