Apollo пульт инструкция

apollo пульт инструкция
Defaults to no limit. quota_messages : The maximum number of messages queue is allowed to grow to. If not set then there is no limit. Some features and functions within these manuals do not apply with previous UAD software. To obtain manuals for use with previous UAD software, download and install the previous version. Apollo encrypts and decrypts values using the password stored in the APOLLO_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD environment variable. Defaults to *. If no access rules match an authorization check then access is denied. The supported options on the udp element are: topic : The name of the topic to send messages.

With castors fitted the APOLLO can be moved easily. You can use * to match all key. Дважды нажмите кнопку на пульте.4) Остальные пульты программируются аналогично. Defaults to 640k. stomp-udp : Expects the received UDP datagram to contain a STOMP frame.

Defaults to true. round_robin : Should the destination dispatch messages to consumers using round robin distribution strategy? После этого нажмите необходимую кнопку на пульте ДУ на 2-3 секунды. The detect element supports the following attributes: timeout : maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) that protocol detection is allowed to take. Defaults to true. message_group_graceful_handoff : When set to true, the queue will drain message group consumers of messages before allowing new messages to dispatched to messages groups which have been moved to a different consumer due to re-balancing. Mirrored Queues A mirrored queue, once create will copy all messages sent to the queue to a topic of the same name and conversely the queue will receive a copy of all messages sent to the topic.

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