Инструкция к сигнализации easycar luxury 2 7000

инструкция к сигнализации easycar luxury 2 7000
You will receive addtional discount of $30 from our promo price. Plus, our highest quality High Brightness Led lights act as a crime deterrent, and display our car alert mode. Similar system are selling at more than $900. Thanks.Facebook Promo!! Only for Easycar E772AS!Please go to ASC Singapore and add us as your friend. Current friends of ASC Singapore are also included in this promo. Easy Door lock also acts as a pager, and will signal all of our Hi tech 2way Transmitters.Easy Door is optional and available for all Easy Car Remote Start and Security Systems.

Easy Car has now made it available for your Auto experience…..Maybe, you have intentionally decided to lock your keys in your car. Please sms me at 96952338 and indicate E772AS for the latest pricing with installation. Easy Door paging system operates on two waytransmission only.

Your vehicle is safe and secure; it will not start until you start it. No longer fumble for your keys or transmitter When your hands are full. Additional discount of $30 if you add us as your friend in Facebook. After we add you as a friend, you can PM me when you want to install the E772AS. Date and time and your car model. We will arrange the appointment time and sms you back.

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