Fox float ctd инструкция

fox float ctd инструкция
The difference between the old and new hardware is immense, with the new, split polymer layout definitely requiring less force to move.New Shock Mounting Hardware: All FOX rear shocks will now utilize new polymer mounting hardware that completely replaces the long standing DU bushing method. Install the tolerance spring over the compression adjuster rod. Note: To avoid damaging the damper tube, only tighten your vise clamps to the necessary minimum for achieving the rebound piston’s 55 in-lb torque specification.

Climb mode is a very firm low-speed compression setting (not designed to be a solid lockout). This setting is most useful for climbing and sprinting. Trail Mode: From Climb mode, push the black release lever once and then push the silver lever down one click to the middle position to engage Trail mode. Dismount your bike without bouncing, to avoid further moving the o-ring.

Install the rebound knob with a 2 mm hex, making sure the set screw correctly settles into its indentation on the rebound adjuster; tighten to 11 in-lb torque. Think of the blue CTD knob as the main tuning feature, and the black dial as your preferred setting when in the Trail mode. Piston Attached to Coupler If your compression piston remains attached to the coupler, use the outer Fox piston removal tool (398-00-504), a 1/4″ drive ratchet, and a ratchet extension with a 5 mm hex internally inserted through the body from the bottom, to remove the piston from the coupler. Clamp the cartridge body in the #2 clamps and remove the rebound assembly from the cartridge body with a 13 mm cone wrench. Use a 2 mm hex to remove the rebound knob after turning it all the way counter-clockwise.

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