Carvin dcm 4000 инструкция на русском

carvin dcm 4000 инструкция на русском
Construction starts with a heavy duty 2U aluminum chassis and steel rackmount face panel. Operating at 100,000 Hz, the highly efficient switch-mode supply reduces AC power required from the wall, overall weight, and is AC generator friendly. The high power, larger format 21-inch woofer features a 4-inch voice coil with high peak power capacity. Effective for both permanent and portable applications, coupled with the TRx3210 Line array elements provides very powerful extended full range system.

You can download a maximum of 3 items a day. Three top pole mounts feature 16″ spaced dual pole system for suspending two TRx3210 speakers, and a single centered pole mount for suspending a TRx115 or TRx12. DCM3800Lx X-Drive Power Amps: The 3800 watt DCM3800Lx amplifier can be configured for stereo, parallel, bi-amped, or bridged outputs. Everything on this site can be downloaded for free. The box is designed with four large corner located ports producing a coherent sub frequency output vertically and horizontally. Balanced XLR and TRS input connectors are used to reject hum & noise. A Ground Lift switch removes the chassis ground from the inputs.
Extreme currents are delivered to even the most demanding 2 ohm and bridged 4 ohm subwoofer systems easily handling the most difficult reactive loads. The CB and CE safety seal assure that each DCM meets strict standards anywhere in the world. The DCM3800Lx front panel features a high-contrast 2×16 character display for clear and easy navigation through settings. LEDs for Signal, 50%, 80%, Clip and Protect monitor the status of the amp. Simply use our search form above to find your desired manual, and download it for free. This allows communication with the X-Drive hardware through the USB port.

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