Инструкция адамекс x-trail

инструкция адамекс x-trail
The daytime running lights operate with the headlight switch in the OFF position or in the position. Page 132: Instrument Panel Service and Maintenance Guide. To replace the filter, contact a NISSAN Air flow control: dealer. Have the vehicle in- result in a collision with other vehicles or mals or flammable materials away spected promptly by a NISSAN objects, or cause the vehicle to rollover, from the exhaust system compo- dealer.

Page 59 Those with a history of a breathing also be done by a NISSAN dealer. condition should get fresh air promptly. Push it in again to cancel. ¼ Make sure that all passengers have their hands, etc. inside the vehicle while it is in motion and before clos- ing the windows. Page 1 Foreword MODIFICATION OF YOUR VEHICLE Welcome to the growing family of new NISSAN WARNING owners. Page 92 ¼ The cap of a plastic beverage bottle can be when the cup holder is being used to put beside the holder. prevent spilling the drink. If the liquid is hot, it can scald you or your pas- senger. ¼ Use only soft cups in the cup holder. Page 103 ¼ The ignition switch is turned ON. CAUTION ¼ Turn off the interior lights when you leave the vehicle. ¼ Do not use for extended periods of time with the engine stopped. Page 42 SSS0300A CHILD RESTRAINT INSTALLATION ¼ NISSAN recommends that child re- ON FRONT PASSENGER SEAT straints be installed in the rear seat.

Type A: CAUTION To turn on the map light, push the switch in, and the light illuminates. To turn off, push the switch ¼ Turn off the interior lights when you again. Reduce the vehicle speed Running the engine with the oil pres- possible. Page 84: Hazard Warning Flasher Switch HAZARD WARNING FLASHER SWITCH CAUTION might become a hazard to other traf- fic. ¼ Do not use the driving light in city ¼ Turn signals do not work when the areas or on highways with heavy traf- hazard warning flasher lights are on. fic. Shortcuts Popular Talk Forums Popular Pages Advice More Mumsnet stuff Help & Information Mobile site. During normal seat belt use by a passen- ger, the locking mode should not be acti- vated. Page 94: Console Box CAUTION Please do not forcibly open the upper glove box lid upward.

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