Инструкция аристон as 1047

инструкция аристон as 1047
Change the power supply socket to which your washing machine cable is connected: always request assistance from expert and/or authorised personnel and use a suitable 16A adapter. Добро пожаловать!Отличное предложение для тех, кто заботится об улучшении своего интернет-магазина! Avoid loading the washing machine excessively and check the maximum load capacity indicated on the user manual. Bleach must be released into the machine during cold wash cycles and must thus be added into a specific compartment.

Does the socket you are using work? To check, plug another appliance into it (e.g. hair dryer). Ensure that the water supply valve has been properly opened. Стиральные машины HOTPOINT/ARISTON – купить стиральную машину Hotpoint/ariston (Хотпоинт аристон), цены, отзывы. Check whether the washing machine has not been loaded beyond the prescribed limit. If the problem continues in the next wash cycle, we recommend fixing an appointment with our technician. Do not add bleach together with the detergent. Продолжительность цикла стирки в ARTXXL 109 составляет от 15 минут для быстрого освежения одежды и до 280 минут при выборе ночной стирки, обеспечивающей практически бесшумную работу машины. Как заменить манжету люка стиральной машины Ariston (Аристон) Scroll to top. Check the amount and type of detergents and additives you use for washing.

You can modify the programme manually and restart the washing machine. Press and hold the START/RESET or ON/OFF button to exit the programme: if the problem persists in the successive wash cycles, we recommend contacting a technician. Check whether the feet have been correctly levelled and that they are not damaged.

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