Kenwood tm 721g инструкция пользователя

Very good build quality sure to keep on working for another 20 years. Bottom line. If you find a 731 in good condition buy it and throw that ICOM and Yaesu junk in the garbage. Two of the screws are in slotted holes.

Unplug the wires at connectors CN2, CN3, and CN4 on the VHF TX-RX unit (top side of the transceiver.) Unplug the wires at connector CN10 on the UHF TX-RX unit (bottom side of the transceiver.) Remove the 7 screws from the VHF Final unit. The replacement is easy and gives the desired result: the readout is easy to read in high ambient light. Please note that R57 is on the bottom of the unit and should not be confused with R58 on the top of the unit. The arrangement looks something like this: | | ____ ______ | I I:II (Bat-) |MPU | | (tery) | | | —- —— | | I The (:) above indicates where a jumper is to be placed. Note: this radio contains a number of CMOS parts which could be damaged by static discharge.
Once open, set the radio on a table with the hinged front panel hanging over the edge of your workbench.Familiarize yourself with the inside of this compartment. Approx. 5 watts low power. • Call channel function. A special memory channel for each band stores frequency, offset, and sub-tone of your favorite channel. Next, remove the top cover and then open the front panel assembly into the service position. To do this, remove the four silver screws, one on the top, one on the bottom, and one from each side. When looking at the Control U, you will see the lithiuattery located to left of centre and the power switch sub-assembly located on the bottom right. Reviews Summary for Kenwood TM-731A Reviews: 17 Average rating: 4.9/5 MSRP: $TM-731A Description: 2 m/70 cm dualband FM transceiver Product is not in production. Yaecomwood — трансивер ХХI века? О зарубежных УКВ радиостанциях.

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