Инструкция panasonic fz18

инструкция panasonic fz18
Manual focusing, which is a valuable tool for professional-level photography, is also easy thanks to the joystick, and instant switching between AF and MF is available with the independent AF/MF button. Images courtesy of Panasonic As with most of Panasonic’s cameras, the FZ18 is available in two colors: silver and black. Almost inevitably the FZ18 squeezes even more pixels onto its 1/2.5-inch sensor, although the increase has been fairly moderate from 7.3 to 8.3 megapixels. The Panasonic Service Manuals are relevant for these Leica models also, so that, for example, the shutter count for the Digilux-3, the V-Lux super-zooms, or the D-Lux cameras can be accessed through hidden menus.

The lens is dirty • The picture can become whitish if there If you return the menu settings to the initial is dirt e.g. fingerprints on the lens. If the settings at the time of purchase, the lens is dirty, turn the camera off, retract condition may improve. When AUTO [ ] is selected, AUTO ], AUTO/Red-eye reduction ] or Slow sync./Red-eye reduction… Page 31 Basic • When you rotate the zoom lever, you may (3M EZ) hear some sound from the camera or the (2M EZ) camera may shake. Chromatic aberration was visible in wide angle shots, when you really zoom in on high contrast boundary areas. With the new scene selector, the camera automatically sets the most appropriate scene mode and adjusts the detailed picture quality setting according to its detecting exposure, metering focus distance, face of the subject and motion of the subject.

Модели: LX1, LX2, LX3, LX5, LX7. DMC-LZ: Продвинутые бюджетные компактные фотокамеры. There’s also the same degree of manual control which includes full adjustment of aperture and shutter speeds. That must-have feature in the digicam market for 2007 — face detection — makes its debut with Panasonic’s incarnation able to detect up to 15 faces in a scene and then use this information to set focus and exposure appropriately. You’ll probably want to hold the camera with two hands when you’re shooting telephoto, to avoid blurring from camera shake.

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