Инструкция на никон д7100

инструкция на никон д7100
Choose your desired ISO, and release the ISO button on the left to lock in the change. There are numerous Menu options and Custom Settings that you can make use of in order to fine-tune the camera to perfectly fit your needs, your shooting style, and the type of scene you are photographing. The [i] Button can also be used during Live View shooting, Movie shooting, and Image Playback to readily access and change a number of applicable functions. Whenever I’m shooting something in snow I find myself switching over to Manual mode. This will result in a total of 36 photos, as the camera will calculate and show you. The D7100 kit is sold with the lens shown, the Nikkor 18–105mm AF-S DX model.

Authorized Dealer Photo Dealz/Philly Photo Supply is a fully authorized agent for every brand we sell. We buy directly from each authorized vendor and provide full factory warranties for each and every product we sell. We do not sell «gray market», counterfeit, or unauthorized copies of any product. Back to topGeneral Sales PoliciesThe rules are really simple… 1) Members with 0 (zero) feedback must contact us before purchasing or bidding.2) Ask questions before you bid or buy.3) Bid high and often.4) If you win, pay for it.5) Have fun before you die. First Class Mail International — very inexpensive and slow shipping method for items under 4 pounds (1.8kg) and less than 18 inches (70cm). There is a certain degree of risk with this shipping method as there is no tracking or insurance available.

FedEx — check the FedEx website for more information. Manufacturers Warranty: Covers defects in materials and workmanship. Vividness of colors and density of outlines are adjustable. When looking at your camera your shutter speed is written as 1/(a number). This means that your shutter is open for 1/(whatever the #) of a second.

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