Dns телевизоры инструкция

For devices that support this feature, SSL provides additional security by preventing the decoding of intercepted data streams. It can therefore be useful when transmitting data over the internet, but typically is not required when transmitting over a local network. Username / Password If the network device requires authentication, enter its username and password here. Video Compression — Quality The higher the quality setting, the better the visual quality of the resulting movie files. Browser menu The Browser menu in the menu bar contains the following options: Export File This option allows you to export any file that is currently selected in the file list. Restart your Samsung smart TV to allow the configuration to take effect.

Options — Use SSL SSL is a cryptography protocol that provides secure encrypted communication with network devices. FPS: the frame rate of the video stream being received. For information about how to choose, install and set up the hardware of your CCTV system, see the SecuritySpy Installation Manual.
If you have been provided with a «ca-bundle» file, place this into the SecuritySpy folder. Timed daily access This setting allows you to restrict access to the web server via this account to certain times of the day. Enable the option Start up automatically after a power failure. Image capture — Capture images continuously This feature captures an image file to disk in JPEG format at the rate you specify.

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