Инструкция архикад 15

Set them up, even if they are blank. As you add data to the project, these views will begin to populate. Using an ARCHICAD template is the first step to starting a project. I’ve said it a million times: templates are the key to BIM success. Typical office standards specify the sizes of text and markers, the fonts used, the title block and sheet numbering system. Add images, logos, and stamps; if these aren’t in your default template, get them in at the start of the project. It’s best to have this info in on day one rather than wait until you’re scrambling to get drawings out the door.

This will ensure that computers can reliably connect to each other by host names. (/etc/hosts can be used to workaround the lack of a DNS server, but this is not advised. При этом элементы системы любого иерархического уровня являются индивидуально доступными и редактируемыми. Exernally linked non teamwork files, such as drawings from non-teamworked plns, dwgs, jpgs and the like will not be placed in this folder by the BIM Server. Теперь, следуя алгоритму, начиная с пункта 3., можно импортировать найденные в интернете любые 3ds-объекты в ArchiCAD. Впрочем, не любые… иногда модельки попадаются некорректные и в арчик не импортируются… тут уж как повезёт… Можно попробовать поиграть с масштабами и размерами, бывает, что помогает.
Graphisoft supplies an ArchiCAD template with a basic structure and a standard set of attributes that is easy to understand and widely usable. One can simply “delete the building” and leave the structure (and attributes) behind, then start work on the new design. Over time, a template can be set up that has a more extensive and general structure and more “complete” set of attributes than any individual project. Careful examination of the plotted output, and some experimentation, will result in drawings that are clean, crisp and well balanced, with a style appropriate for your firm and type of projects.

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