Smipack sl44 инструкция

smipack sl44 инструкция
Automatización de líneas de empacado termoencogible automático o semiautomático. Posee un sistema exclusivo super absorbente que retiene en su interior los líquidos de los alimentos en pocos segundos, sin necesidad de utilizar almohadillas adicionales. Selladora de Cajas Envolvedora Robot envolvedora Orion Packaging Systems, LLC. ha estado en el negocio del embalaje de productos paletizados.

All the models of this range can indeed be supplied with or without shrink tunnel. Sistemas basados en RFID. Distribuidos en El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua y Panamá. The Shrink-a-Pack / Ezi-Wrapper With a Shrink-a-Pack machine you will be able to heat seal, and shrink wrap with the ease and professionalism of an expert. It is a low cost but effective way to give a distinctive touch to special promotions, gift packs etc.

Click Here to View Demo Video of the CY 71-12s Auto L-Bar Sealer with optional BO38 Shrink Tunnel. This machine offers a built-in sealing timer and requires no pre-heating; ready to go in 1 to 4 seconds. 330mm sealing lengths for front and side. The FP series of modular L-sealers with shrink tunnel includes different models, for outputs ranging from 600 to 3,000 packs/hour . Click Here to View Demo Video of SmiPack FP 6000 & 6000CS Series. The BO-38 is an easy to use system with simple operation as follows,Place tunnel behind sealer, or operate as stand alone.

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