Усилитель audiobahn a4004t инструкция

усилитель audiobahn a4004t инструкция
Данные измерения одинаковы как для каналов 1-2, так и для каналов 3-4. Измеренный диапазон частот среза ФНЧ оказался чуть сдвинутым вниз и уже заявленного. Other than the subwoofers, shoppers need a hex tool, speaker wire, and a wire stripper. Wire in Parallel Consult the instruction manual to ensure the amplifier is safe at the proper amount of ohms, and then cut four lengths of speaker wire. Верх в районе 8-10 кГц выделен, что сказывается на подсвистывающих согласных в вокале. К середине особых нареканий нет. You can use the search box located on any site page to find a variety of items, tools, and materials by looking for specific search items, or by conducting broad searches.

Cut a third length of wire that reaches from the subwoofer to the voice coils. Connect the final, smaller piece of wire to the remaining positive and negative terminals on the voice coil. The down side of this is that bridged channels are not capable of driving impedance loads as low as unbridged amps. Opt for an infinite baffle box that uses a baffle board to prevent sound carry, a sealed subwoofer box that has an airtight enclosure, or a vented subwoofer box that allows for fine-tuning of speaker performance.

Что касается сохранения амплитудного значения сигнала на линейных выходах, то оно напрямую будет зависеть от входного сопротивления подключаемого усилителя. With Audiobahn subwoofers, vented boxes work well as they reduce the overall audio distortion where the output comes through an opening in the box. When wiring subwoofers in parallel, the connection ends of the subwoofers connect as positive and positive or negative and negative. Connect the Long Wires Take one of the longer wires and connect one end to the amplifier’s positive terminal, and the other end to a positive terminal on the subwoofer.

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