Инструкция по хонда брос

инструкция по хонда брос
Page 102: Engine Oil Owner’s Manual Engine Oil WARNING • • • • • Gasoline is extremely flammable and explosive Engine Oil Level Check under certain conditions. Meça a folga radial no colo da biela em dois pontos na direção indicada pelas setas. Our friendly sales team will share all their Honda knowledge and our highly trained mechanics will keep your car running at its best. Click here to download your 1995 VT1100 C2 owners manual. Page 135 (5) Lock nut (6) Adjusting nut WARNING If a torque wrench is not used for installation, see your authorized Honda dealer as soon as possible to check for proper assembly. Click here to download your 2007 VT1300 SR owners manual.

Page 120 2. Service more frequently if the motorcycle is ridden in unusually wet or dusty areas. 3. Service more frequently if the motorcycle is ridden in rain or off-road. Ideally, riding solo is the best option. If you have to ride two up, relax often and don’t ride long everyday, especially after dark or on rainy days. Currently, all types of oil and petrol circulating in Vietnam still cannot meet the said standard.

Category:VT750Date:January 21, 2014 VT750S 2009 VT750S2009 VT750S2009.pdf 15.0 MiB 609 DownloadsDetails The following file is a free PDF available for download. Obedezca a los límites de ADVERTENCIA velocidad y NUNCA exceda las condiciones Pilotar una motocicleta requiere ciertos cuidados permitidas. Limite de Uso 0,05 mm Coloque a árvore de manivelas sobre um suporte ou blocos em «V» e meça a excentricidade, utilizando um relógio comparador.

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