Инструкция для pmd

инструкция для pmd
The PMD Pro Guide has now a new design! Our Guide to the PMD Pro is being adopted as a standard in many development organizations around the world. It is currently available in eight languages, with several more in development. Pain is a sign that you have been too aggressive. Based on your skin type, you may stay with the blue discs. Don’t forget to customize your treatments and not only use the Personal Microderm on your face–use it on your body also. The effects of the device are not always immediately visible, so you must be careful.

Others with non-sensitive skin may move to green or even orange and red. Use these instructions as guidelines for your own skin care needs to fully customize your treatments.DO’S1. Watch the training video and read all instructions before beginning your first treatment. Stay away from those areas.5. Do not allow the tool to hover in one spot. If this happens, do not be alarmed.

Simply use a good recovery moisturizer and sunscreen. You may have hovered, gone too slow or done multiple passed. Would like to take a PMD Pro training or apply for the PMD Pro Certification?Please check the frequently asked questions at PMD Pro Training and Certification. Two DC servo motors ensure stable, consistent speed for accurate recording and playback. This is the ideal unit to convert a valuable cassette tape collection into digital files.

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