Yamaha ypt 220 инструкция

yamaha ypt 220 инструкция
Before we list down the advantages of the YPT-240, check out this short video which showcases how it sounds like: 1) 61 Highly Responsive KeysThe Yamaha YPT-240 keyboard has 61 keys which is ideal so as to not overwhelm a beginner. Press the [METRONOME] button to start the metronome. To stop the metronome, press the [METRONOME] button again. Press the [TEMPO/TAP] button to call up the Tempo setting in the display after selecting a Style. The Dictionary function is essentially a built-in “chord dictionary” that shows you the individual notes of chords. It is ideal when you know the Split Point—default setting: 54 (F#2) name of a certain chord and want to quickly learn how to play it.

Page 37: Song Settings, Changing The Tempo Of The Song, Mute Song settings Changing the tempo of the Song Mute Songs can be played at any tempo you desire— The Song is made up by several tracks. fast or slow. This means that • The Voice List includes MIDI program it can play a maximum of up to 32 notes at once, regardless of change numbers for each voice. Then by pressing the Melody Suppressor button, you reduce the level of the lead vocal in a song. Page 9: Connecting Headphones And External Audio Equipment, Connecting A Footswitch, Turn On The Power Connecting a footswitch The sustain function lets you produce a natural sustain as you play by pressing an optional footswitch. Page 40: Style (auto Accompaniment) Functions, Starting Style Playback, Adjusting The Style Volume Style (Auto Accompaniment) Functions ■ Tap Start Starting Style playback You can supply a count-in at any tempo you like to start playback.

The Song pauses until you play the right note. Page 14: Using The Metronome Changing the Voices Percussion and Metronome Fun Sounds drum icons Using the Metronome The instrument features a built-in metronome (a device that keeps an accurate tempo) that is con- venient for practicing. For this instrument, the term “Song” refers to the data that makes up a piece of music. Suitable for all Yamaha portable keyboards (PSR,PSRE), also fits DGX220, NP30. Includes 3 screw fastening to fix to keyboards to stand for extra stability See all Product description What do customers buy after viewing this item?

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