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DepEd is represented by the Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society (FILCOLS), Inc. in seeking permission to use these materials from their respective copyright owners. They’re not here anymore, and I have to wonder why. Group 1: Plan a different way of welcoming guests. Тут же пошли по другому пути, установили «стекло» (возможно, что пластик), которое является очень мягким. Вот вам типичный пример: нравится дизайн iPhone, но не нравится iOS и дороговизна приложений, поэтому сижу на Android, а такой аппарат – идеальный выбор.

Тем удивительнее то, что компания создает почти полную копию iPhone 6, аппарат, который не имеет собственного лица и полностью копирует чужой дизайн. Joan writes well because they all worked together. I watered the plants everyday because she practices every day. Одним словом, продажи S90 – это вопрос выбора и вкуса потребителей, говорить о том, что он хорош или плох, нельзя.
There were many _______ who came to the party. 2. Portia gave Mil a _______ of flowers. It has 20 roses. 3. A rose is a _______. 4. Mil saw a picture of a king. That’s a surprise! I’ve always thought kids love candies. While he is talking to the manager Totie should wait outside facing north. To what direction does Totie face? ________ is facing ________! 5. From Better Supermarket, you are now facing north, walk across the Mango Street to Cost Saver’s Supermarket. Then give the correct possessive pronoun in each sentence. 1. Marie reads the book. You are given time to talk about how you can keep our environment clean and green. Do not forget to write the important details of what you are going to talk about. Then, answer the following questions below it in your notebook.

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