Инструкция к винтовке хатсан pcp

инструкция к винтовке хатсан pcp
Модель изведана вдоль и поперек, документации, тюнинга и китов на нее много, что говорит о большой популярности. With this lightweight and powerful rifle, you get even more time in the field hunting. The BSA Ultra SE’s is short – 12in with a 0.61in diameter – and threaded with a half unified fine thread (UNF) for a moderator.

The BullBoss like all Hatsans, also features an auto safety located in front of the trigger that resets after each shot.Shot Performance, Calibers & Loudness The BullBoss is a powerful hunting air rifle, perfectly suitable for all types of small game. Наш интернет магазин предлагает вашему вниманию широкий выбор насосов от разных производителей для вашей пневматики. The Hatsan’s trigger is called the Quattro and, again, is excellent, allowing adjustment for travel before the sear drops, and it is smooth, breaking cleanly at 2.5lb weight. With a scuba tank, it’s hard to stop at exactly the right point because the pressure rises so fast. Длина насоса в закрытом состоянии составляет 630 миллиметров. В открытом положении длина равна 1100 миллиметров.

There are a few facts to consider first:Larger calibers are best for bigger game hunting. This is a great feature considering many airgunners already have a preferred scope and ring set up. This is one of the biggest problems PCP guns have, so be sure you always get the dealer’s guarantee that you are buying everything you need to fill your gun. If you buy from Pyramyd Air, you are assured of it. They’re extremely useful for pest control because they have a limited range, making them safe for use around say, a farm, when you need to get rid of vermin without worrying about richocheting bullets or potential damage to property. Make sure to read the owners manual of whatever air rifle you buy and keep it somewhere safe. It’s always helpful to reference it if you ever forget the proper way to clean it. The standard for objective lens sizes is 40 – 44 mm, so this isn’t a concern.

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