Инструкция на русском языке для magellan explorist 110

инструкция на русском языке для magellan explorist 110
Turning it off and back on didn’t work. Fixed reference files where it mattered. fix error in kml reader parsing linestrings that don’t have altitudes. support altitude in mainnav format. Add Mega event icon, Whereigo cache type to GPX and KML. track_recompute: don’t recompute speed if we already have it.

При этом показываются координаты и высота, курс и скорость, время и пройденное расстояние. Move referenced KML icons from our site to unicsv: Fix lat/lon output with grid=DMS. Finish french hungarian translation for upcoming 1.3.5. Tweak VidaOne format name. Add new date handling to compegps reader for ‘W’ records. The satellite modem is part of the 2nd generation Thuraya product-line and is meant to support new and future applications and solutions developed by Thuraya or third parties. Paul Cornett adds delbin protocol to support Delorme PN-20, PN-30, PN-40. GDB: Allow read of BaseCamp files, too.

Этот маршрут можно использовать при навигации с помощью VantagePoint. Ни сохранить маршрут, ни загрузить его в навигатор невозможно. Add a -l option to vtesto to run memory leak mode so I don’t have to remember the valgrind syntax each time. Don’t crash on null filename.Don’t rewrite ‘comX’ (without colon) or else Win 98 breaks. (Sigh.) Add support for «Digital Mapping TrackLogs» (.trl) files. gbser_posix Remove extranous cast for OS X 10.3. Don’t use backslashes in filename. Опять прокрутить бы список и выделить в нем отмеченные точки. Totally useless right now. fix memory leaks in coto, geoniche, humminbird, xol. This gets almost all of the accesses to wpt->creation_time into accessors (with overloads for int/time_t and QDateTime) and eliminates many of the problematic direct accesses to wpt->microseconds.

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