Инструкция счетчик legend 900

инструкция счетчик legend 900
Preorder! Buy now to reserve one of the first units we get. We won’t charge you until your order is shipped. Access on-the-fly sensitivity settings, in-game statistics, button mapping, and personalize the display with your gamer name or favorite team’s logo. Customize every aspect of the alerts from intensity to vibration patterns. Tactile Alerts The mouse is no longer merely an input device; gamers can now feel in‐game events, aiding them in critical decision‐making. Order today and get it as soon as we re-stock in 1-2 weeks. We charge you when your order is shipped. The OLED display on the Rival 700 cycles at 10 frames per second. GIFs for OLED Download logos for your favorite teams or other fun GIFs from us and the community.

How do I know if the Rival 700 is the right gaming mouse for me? The files for the nameplate can be downloaded from the link provided in the specifications section of this page. How many frames per second does the OLED display cycle at? How do I request a customized nameplate for my Rival 700? We do not make customized nameplates for each individual Rival 700, but you can create your own nameplate with a 3D printer. Alternatively, you can use our interactive mouse guide, and compare the Rival 700 with our other gaming mice here.

The Rival 700 is the perfect gaming mouse for gamers who want tactile notifications, a top tier optical sensor, and an onboard OLED display. Absolutely not, the Rival 700’s alerts will never impact your tracking performance. By designing the motor to go up and down, as opposed to left and right, we can ensure that the tactile alerts will never impact tracking accuracy.

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