Schindler 3300ap инструкция по монтажу

schindler 3300ap инструкция по монтажу
Both used to facilitate just for the main hall. This line is very cold when it is in operation because the vaporized refrigerant expands as it cools down. This could be taken into account as an emergent solution. This is because of the cabinet is placed in a public open area, the learning room for children. The condenser unit consists of compressor and condenser where they work together as a whole. When the refrigerant pass through the evaporator, the return air will be sucked into the unit and cool air will be blown out by the blower in the evaporator causing the rooms temperature to be cool.

These requirements shall not apply to open type industrial and other special buildings as may be approved. The rate-of- rise unit operates when the rate of surrounding temperature rises exceeding a preset amount usually around 8o C/minute. The traction pulley for steel ropes is replaced by an only 85mm traction shaft. It has 8 traction media to connect to the car for safety purpose. It requires smaller motor, which benefit the machine-room-less elevator system. It is connect to the car and allow vertical travelling of car. Copper is chosen is because it could conduct electricity better than other metals especially brass and aluminium. Panel Board Meter Circuit Breaker ELCB MCB 31. 31 | P a g e 3.5.1 Switch Switch has a function which is more or the same as a circuit breaker. The prayer rooms are ventilated using this system.

The Fire Alarm System Junction Box is located at the cafeteria, next to the Consumer Switch Room. Inside there is the control panel (refer, evaporator (refer, expansion valve (refer, blower ( and the entire system needed to run the air-conditioning system. Machine-room- less elevator does not required machine room. Metal enclosed panel board in which components arranged in separate compartments with metal enclosures is intended to be earthed (Stokes, 2003). The boards are to be totally enclosed with sheets of steel fabricated for safety purposes. This protects the 54. 54 | P a g e building from collapsing due to the weakening of building parts in high temperature condition and provides building occupants with more time to evacuate.

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